About Us

We are Mike and Krista Barnes and we are thrilled to join the team at City Deli!

In 2017 we planned to start an adventure that eventually brought us to Virginia. We set our sights on the Hampton Roads area and our goal was simple: relocate, get established, and start enjoying our time with our children.

We have three boys – Aiden, Ryden, and Michael. They are the reason we work as hard as we do and play even harder! Together we have successfully renovated and sold houses in Washington and Virginia. The last house was in Norfolk, aiding us in reaching our initial goal to re-establish ourselves. Now, we are ready for the next adventure with our kids. After all, the entire reason for our journey started with the idea of spending more time with them.

We started The Barnes Management Group, LLC. in 2019. City Deli is our first endeavor to grow our brand, focusing on the family unit and the importance it has with us. We strive to create a thriving, wholesome family diner with a community-focused environment. Continuing the same principles that created City Deli – quality food with a memorable experience. Without a doubt, we are SO excited to be here!